Terms of Service
between Karl and Charlotte Lehman and the user of www.kclehman.com

Karl and Charlotte Lehman (herein referred to as 'The Lehmans') agree to the following:

  • The Lehmans will not sell, rent, or allow any other individuals or businesses to use the information which they collect during the registration process.
  • The Lehmans will use the information collected during the registration process to occasionally notify users of available resources, events, or products which the Lehmans believe may be valuable to those interested in emotional healing ministry or other topics which relate to the subjects addressed on www.kclehman.com.
  • The Lehmans may occasionally use the information collected to notify users of other projects in which the Lehmans are personally involved, but that are not directly related to the subject matter of www.kclehman.com.

In registering for www.kclehman.com, the user agrees to the following:

  • The user may download the available materials for non-commercial uses.
  • The user may not publish or distribute the materials in any form that will be available for sale, nor may the user post any of the materials on any website or distribution system, whether for sale or for no charge, without explicit written permission from the Lehmans.
  • The user may give copies of downloaded materials to others who are part of an established group of which the user is a member, but may not distribute the materials to the general public or to others outside of the user's established group. Rather the user agrees to encourage other individuals or groups to visit www.kclehman.com for themselves, and register to obtain the materials.
  • The user will not give his or her user ID and password for www.kclehman.com to anyone other than a spouse to use.
  • The user understands that he or she must take responsibility for his/her own work, and agrees not to hold the Lehmans or anyone working for them liable for the outcome from any use he/she makes of the materials available through www.kclehman.com.

I understand the above terms of agreement, and in registering for www.kclehman.com, I agree to abide by them.