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Baptist pastor and pastoral counselor Ed Smith, D.Min, began developing an approach to emotional healing in 1996, to which he has given the name "Theophostic® Prayer Ministry" (see Since 1998, we have studied Dr. Smith's Theophostic® principles extensively, and having found them valuable, have been working to integrate them into our psychiatric and pastoral counseling practices.

The articles in this section developed in several ways. Some were prompted by questions from other people. Once other people interested in Theophostic® principles found out that Dr. Lehman - a psychiatrist - was using it, they often wanted to know his professional opinions about the claims, use, benefits, risks, or limitations of the Theophostic® approach. Other articles arose directly from our own experience with Theophostic®, as we tried it out, reflected on it, and compared and contrasted it with secular and Christian approaches we were already using.

Those of you who are in emotional healing ministries, but are not using Theophostic®, whether as a provider or a recipient, may find that our analyses and reflections on Theophostic® help to articulate ideas and methods that you have come to by another route, or focus questions that have arisen in other approaches. Such common ground should not be surprising, among those who are all seeking to minister deep healing in one way or another. So, whether you are wanting to learn to use the Theophostic® approach to healing or not, you may find the articles in this section helpful for growing in your ministry skills and understanding. Certainly, those who are seeking healing for themselves will also benefit from a deeper understanding of the approaches to healing which are available to them.

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"Lisa: Childhood Surgery, Panic Attacks, and Abreaction (Condensed Version) Explanatory Comments"
(posted: 06/24/2006 revised: 06/24/2011) This essay provides explanatory comments for the CONDENSED VERSION of the video/DVD "Lisa: Childhood Surgery, Panic Attacks, and Abreaction" emotional healing ministry session. This session includes a moderately intense abreaction with healing following, and demonstrates mostly basic, and also some intermediate principles, techniques, and process. Note: these comments are intended to accompany the video, as opposed to stand alone. This PDF file is included on the DVD.
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"The Place of Immanuel/Theophostic-based Therapy/Ministry in the Treatment of Clinical Disorders"
(posted: 10/06/2006 revised: 11/01/2009) Theophostic-based therapy/ministry is being included in the treatment of many different mental health concerns. However, some critics argue that it is irresponsible, unsafe, unprofessional, and unethical to include Theophostic in the treatment of a serious clinical disorder before empirical research has been published supporting the use of Theophostic for the specific disorder in question. In this essay Dr. Lehman agrees with the importance of pursuing empirical research, but discusses his reasons for concluding that it is appropriate to include Theophostic®-based therapy/ministry in the care of any mental health concern where unresolved traumatic memories are contributing to the overall clinical picture.
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"Theophostic Ministry: A Brief Review"
(posted: 10/10/2001 revised: 10/06/2006) This document lists what Dr. Lehman feels are the most important, foundational principles of Theophostic Ministry. It also gives a very brief summary of the process. These notes are not intended to be a stand-alone introduction to Theophostic for those who know nothing about it, nor are they intended as instruction regarding how to do Theophostic. See Ed Smith's Genuine Recovery (2001) and Beyond Tolerable Recovery.
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"Chart -- Compare and Contrast"
(posted: 10/07/2001 revised: 10/06/2006) Chart -- Compare and Contrast: EMDR, "Traditional" Prayer for Emotional Healing, Theophostic Ministry, and Cognitive Therapy
Formerly "Chart: Compare and Contrast: Theophostic, EMDR, and "Traditional" Prayer for Emotional Healing"
This chart summarizes similarities and differences between the Theophostic approach to emotional healing, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), the heterogeneous grouping of "traditional" prayer for emotional healing, and two dimensions of Cognitive Therapy
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"Theophostic, What Is Unique"
(posted: 05/23/2001 revised: 10/06/2006) This article describes what we see as unique about the Theophostic approach to prayer for emotional healing.
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"Theophostic Ministry: Assessment and Recommendations"
(posted: 01/17/2002 revised: 07/06/2005) This five-page document gives a brief summary of our experience with Theophostic Ministry, our assessment regarding its effectiveness, and our recommendations regarding its place in the church
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"Misunderstandings We Have Seen"
(posted: 06/15/2001 revised: 05/09/2002) We received an e-mail describing some misunderstandings about Theophostic Ministry that had been broadcast on a Christian radio program. Responding to these misunderstandings prompted this essay
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"Trouble Shooting"
(posted: 09/06/2000 revised: 09/06/2000) This article discusses the benefits and potential pitfalls of the Theophostic premise: "If it isn't working, there is always a reason"
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®Theophostic Ministry is a trademark of Dr. Ed Smith and Alathia Ministries, Inc., of Campbellsville, Kentucky.

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