Supplemental Training Materials
We now have a series of live emotional healing ministry sessions, as well as recordings of some of our seminar lectures, available on DVD and VHS video. Please click here to visit our Store Page.


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which was offered in Sydney Australia (Nov 2007),
Modesto California, USA (April 2008), and Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA (Sept 2008),
and in an enriched format at the THRIVE IV Conference in Springfield Illinois USA (June 2008

The video editing for the seminar, "Psychological Trauma, Implicit Memory, & The Verbal Logical Explainer (VLE)" is now complete, and the 4-disk set is being manufactured, and can now be ordered through CARE Packaging! It will be posted on the Store Page soon, along with our other conference teachings

Other Training
Some time ago, we phased out the majority of our private practice psychiatry and psychotherapy work to make time for writing and training others in healing ministry, especially sharing what we have learned as we have integrated Dr. Jim Wilder's THRIVE principles, and Dr. Ed Smith's Theophostic® principles and techniques into our work (though note that we do not claim to represent Ed Smith or Theophostic® Ministries). Because the demand for resources and training of this kind is so great, our schedule has quickly become full with groups, consultations and church events, and posting items to this website. We therefore are now limiting any new training groups by the following criteria: 1) a clear "yes" from the Lord to run the particular group or event in question, 2) a time slot that works for us and the group members becoming available, 3) group members who have some other viable plan for any ongoing care that is needed, since we do not have any space to take on new individual clients in our private practice, and 4) group members that need this equipping for their regular work, not only for their personal and family healing. This last criterion means that we are focusing our training efforts first on ministers (church and para-church) and mental health professionals. It is a somewhat different situation when pastors sense the Lord's leading to train their church members in emotional healing ministry; even though most being trained in those situations are not full time ministers, the endorsement of the pastor and church as a whole makes up the strategic difference. Also, the pastor fills a role of spiritual covering for the group, so that we are not put in that position. We are therefore open to training groups of church-sponsored/commissioned lay people when the pastor participates and plans to continue overseeing the group. If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us via email, describing what you are looking for:

®Theophostic Ministry is a trademark of Dr. Ed Smith and Alathia Ministries, Inc., of Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Consultation/Questions via Email
Since we are sensing the Lord calling us to devote more time to training and writing to share what we are learning and developing, we are no longer able to offer individual consultations via email. Please feel free to continue to send questions we often find that the specific questions people ask lead us to clarify our thoughts and generate essays that many find useful. So, while you probably won't get a quick individual response, your question may be answered in a future eNewsletter, and then be posted to this website. We will NOT include your name with your question if we use it, and there would be no charge if your question is answered in this way. Send your questions to

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