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12-13 September 2008 - Winnipeg, Ontario CANADA

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The last several decades have boasted many exciting new discoveries about the workings of the brain. What are the implications of these new insights for leaders, pastors, counselors and emotional healing ministry? Do these discoveries provide practical guidance for those who facilitate healing for traumatic memories?

Why can people sometimes recover from painful events, and go on with their lives in a healthy way, perhaps even wiser and stronger than before, whereas other times pain leaves a person confused, diminished, and even emotionally and relationally crippled?

Could there be a stronger theoretical foundation for emotional healing ministries dealing with traumatic memories – a foundation which is actually supported by neurological case studies and brain science research? Could that theoretical foundation account for both the cases when Christian emotional healing ministries work effectively, and the cases in which they don’t? And could these new insights provide guidance and tools for resolving these most difficult cases?

In this two-day seminar, Christian psychiatrist Karl Lehman, M.D., will address these questions, and present an approach to the healing of emotional traumas which is consistent with recent brain science research, and is organized around the presence of Jesus, who was prophetically named “Immanuel,” meaning “God is with us.”

The presentation method will include:

  • Lectures with illustrative PowerPoint slides
  • Video clips of actual healing sessions that help to show rather than just tell the concepts being taught
  • Time for questions and answers
  • If time allows, a demonstration of the way this healing approach may be used in a group setting

Testimonial from an attendee at this seminar at its premiere in Sydney Australia, in November 2007:

"...I wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for your seminar on the 9th and 10th November at Rockdale in Sydney.

On a personal level you provided me with understanding and insight about myself that I have never had before and helped me make sense of things that I have struggled with for a long time. As a consequence I have had some huge revelations since. God has used your work for me to have a huge breakthrough and reconnect with a significant traumatic memory for me.... It has been a very tough but valuable experience and I share some similarities to the lady that you showed in your tape who had issues with her mother and her feeling lost etc. In some ways that one went a little too close for me, but it has enabled me to have my own personal breakthrough which has been hugely valuable towards my healing process. So my heartfelt thanks for your work and insight.

At a professional level, as a counselor and life coach I feel so much more equipped to help my clients...."

- a Mental Health professional

Fri., 12 September 2008 7:30am** Check-In/Registration, Resource table open
  8:00am Worship
  8:15am to 12:30pm Conference
  12:30-1:30pm Lunch is available at nearby restaurants OR $10 Box Lunch at conference (see info below under "Cost")
  1:30-5:30pm Conference
Sat., 13 September 2008 7:30am Doors Open , Resource table open
  8:00am Worship
  8:15am to 12:30pm Conference
  12:30-1:30pm Lunch is available at nearby restaurants OR $10 Box Lunch at conference (see info below under "Cost")
  1:30-5:30pm Conference
** Doors will open at 7:30am on both Friday and Saturday. The rest of the schedule is approximate, and is subject to change or adjustment as needed. There will be morning and afternoon breaks provided. A list of nearby restaurants will be provided for your convenience for getting lunch on Friday and Saturday, if you choose not to buy the box lunch at the conference.


St. Matthew's Anglican Church
641 St. Matthews Avenue,
-- at Maryland St.
Winnipeg Manitoba

Please use the McGee St. entrance on the west side of the church

There are restricted parking zones
around St. Matthew's Anglican Church.

West side of Sherbrook St. between Portage and Ellice Ave.,
Beverley and Simcoe St. between St. Matthew's and Ellice Ave.,
McGee St. and Agnes St. between Ellice and Sargent Ave.

For more information:
please contact Dr. James Krahn at
or call (204) 775-6226
or fax (204) 775-6446




Register Early and Save!

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All prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

Individual Early Registration, Before 18th July: $150

Individual Registration
After 18th July: $170

Groups of 4 or more
Early Registration, Before 18th July, Per Person: $140

Groups of 4 or more
After 18th July, Per Person: $160

Group registrations must include at least four persons, and must be sent in together, or registered online together. Please make checks out to Brain Science Conference, and mail to Wellspring Healthcare, 647 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA R3C 0X2

Optional Box Lunches Available at Conference
expertly prepared by
Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company:

$ 10.00 per lunch/taxes included; Payment for lunches will be collected at the conference.

Choice A: Meat
2 Meat Bunwiches (Turkey)
1 Greek Salad (250 ml)
2 cookies (Folk Festival and Oatmeal Raisin)
1 Boxed Juice (Orange)

Choice B: Vegetarian
2 Vegetarian Bunwiches (Cheddar & Vegetables)
Greek Salad (250 ml)
2 cookies (Folk Festival and Oatmeal Raisin)
1 Boxed Juice (Orange)

Vegan option available upon request.

Please let us know ahead of time if you will want a box lunch, on which days, and of which kind. Either give us that information where indicated at the time of your registration, or contact conference manager Dr. James Krahn with that information at least two weeks before the conference:
phone 204-775-6226
fax 204-775-6446


The Clarion hotel is holding a block of rooms at a special conference rate of $109+taxes single, $119+taxes double, (Canadian dollars) per night, if you book by 28 August 2008:

Clarion Hotel
1445 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA R3G 3P4
Phone: 204-774-5110

Here's what the hotel says of itself:
"Located in the hub of Winnipeg with all the amenities for a comfortable stay such as a restaurant, fitness facility, pool with waterslide, high speed Internet and business centre. A full service day spa is also onsite."

There are also many other Hotels and Bed & Breakfast's in Winnipeg. Here's a link to a list of them:


Online Registration is now closed. However, as long as there is space, you can register at the door, at 7:30am on Friday, 12 September 2008, for $170 CAD per person. No new attendees will be accepted after Friday. As of now, Wednesday, 10 September 2008, there still is some space.



We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read this document, even if you don't have time to read anything else. By having some familiarity ahead of time with the concepts in this document, we believe you'll be better equipped to grasp the big picture at the conference.

(You need to be registered for this site in order to download most of these documents. Both the site registration and the document downloads are free. Click here to register for the site.

Get the most out the conference!

"Pre-Conference Reading for 'Brain Science, Emotional Trauma, & The God Who is With Us'"
(Download PDF 39 pages, 235 KB)

The rest of the material is not "required," in that you can attend the conference and certainly get a lot out of the presentations even if you have not read ahead. However, the conference will be fairly intense, with an amount of material that some may find a bit overwhelming. Familiarizing yourself ahead of time with the conference content can facilitate greater understanding, enable you to ask better questions, and lead to having insights into applications of the material to your particular work or journey, etc. So, for those with the desire and discipline to do so, we provide these materials to bless you!

For those who want to do more:

"Part I: A Brief Introduction to the Immanuel Approach"
(Download PDF 17 pages, 149.3 KB)

"Part II: The Processing Pathway for Painful Experiences and the Definition of Psychological Trauma"
(This one is downloadable without registering.)
(Download PDF 91 pages, 528.4 KB)

"Part III: Traumatic Memories vs Non-Traumatic Memories"
(Download PDF 30 pages, 186.0 KB)

"Part IV: Conditions and Resources Necessary For Resolving Traumatic Memories"
(Download PDF 18 pages, 113.6 KB)

"Part V: The Immanuel Approach to Emotional Healing"
(Download PDF 49 pages, 279.7 KB)



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