Our Relationship to Theophostic® Ministry

This is NOT the official website of Theophostic® Prayer Ministry.
We respect Dr. Ed Smith, developer of Theophostic® Ministry, and value our friendship with him, however, we are not in any way officially connected with or endorsed by Dr. Smith and Theophostic® Ministries. We want to share our reflections, experiences, and discoveries regarding the Christian ministry of emotional healing, and many of the thoughts we share have arisen as we have integrated Theophostic® principles and process into our professional psychiatric and lay pastoral counseling practice. But we want to be clear that the material on our web site does not define Theophostic® ministry. "Theophostic®" is a trademarked name, and Dr. Ed Smith is the only one who has the right to define Theophostic® ministry. We have studied many sources, including medical psychiatry, various secular psychotherapies, and various Christian emotional healing ministries. Our emotional healing ministry is built around a core of Theophostic® principles and techniques, but we also include "non-Theophostic®" material. For example, we occasionally prescribe psychiatric medication, may include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in our work, and sometimes we include prayer to break curses and/or prayer to destroy spiritual strongholds. We also adjust our Theophostic®-based healing ministry, and use other healing tools, depending on the context of emotional development, maturity, and community surrounding the person receiving ministry. These interventions are not a part of what we understand Dr. Smith to define as Theophostic® prayer ministry, nor did we derive them from Dr. Smith's materials.

For those wanting to learn Theophostic® Prayer Ministry, the material on our website is not a substitute for the Basic and Advanced Theophostic® Ministry Training provided by Dr. Smith. For further information about Theophostic® Ministry, its developer Ed Smith, D.Min., or to order training materials, please visit www.theophostic.com.

See "About Dr. Smith's Theophostic® Prayer Ministry" on the Documents page for additional summary comments regarding Theophostic® Ministry.

Theophostic® Referrals: Our Theophostic®-based healing network is primarily in the Chicago area, so we do not have referral information for other parts of Illinois, other states, or other countries. We suggest contacting the International Association of Theophostic® Ministers (IATM) at www.tpassociation.com for Theophostic®-related referrals.

®Theophostic Ministry is a trademark of Dr. Ed Smith and Alathia Ministries, Inc., of Campbellsville, Kentucky.

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