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Registration for this website is not currently required to view documents. For those who have already registered for the site, the following privacy policy may be of interest to you.

Please know that we're NOT going to barrage our website users with mail! We don't appreciate that, and guess you probably don't either. We're also not interested in using the huge volumes of paper that get spent on frequent direct mailings. What you can expect is occasional email notices and a regular mailing much less frequently, perhaps once per year. And, as we state below, we won't be giving your name and address to anyone else, so your registration here won't mushroom into tons more junk mail.

  • The Lehmans will not sell, rent, or allow any other individuals or businesses to use the information which they collect during the registration process.
  • The Lehmans will use the information collected during the registration process to occasionally notify users of available resources, events, or products which the Lehmans believe may be valuable to those interested in emotional healing ministry or other topics which relate to the subjects addressed on
  • The Lehmans may occasionally use the information collected to notify users of other projects in which the Lehmans are personally involved, but that are not directly related to the subject matter of

If you choose to sign up for our eNewsletter list during the registration process, you'll get more emails from us but the rest of the above statements will still apply.

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