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"Theophostic Ministry and Personal Spiritual Growth: A Case Study and Discussion"
(posted: 11/16/2001 revised: 02/04/2011) This case study is from a Theophostic-based ministry session I (Karl) received October 30, 2001 (Dan Yutzy facilitating). One of the most significant aspects of this case study is that it illustrates how Theophostic-based Ministry can contribute to personal spiritual growth. Through the Theophostic process in this session, the Lord removed judgment and lingering bitterness towards those who have stolen from me, exposed the sin of idolatry in memories where I had betrayed Him, and resolved lingering guilt and shame in these memories. All of this (in combination with earlier Theophostic-based healing) opened the way for experiencing the Lord's tangible presence as a person for the first time in my life, and this personal, relational experience of the living Jesus broke deep roots of legalism.
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"Where/how do I get training regarding the Immanuel approach?"
(posted: 01/26/2010 revised: 01/26/2010) An increasing number of people have been contacting us with questions along the lines of: “I would like to use the Immanuel approach to emotional healing in my _______ (psychotherapy practice, ministry, church, small group, family, marriage, etc). How/where do I get training that will enable me to do this?” Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any kind of training institute, we do not offer internships/apprenticeships, and we are not providing seminars designed to train people to use the Immanuel approach. In the absence of this kind of Immanuel approach training package, we offer the following thoughts on how to use the resources that are currently available in putting together a “do it yourself” Immanuel approach training program. [New January 6, 2010]
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"Freedom from Bulimia: Case Study/Testimony"
(posted: 01/18/2002 revised: 11/05/2009) One of the people on our e-mail list (not one of our clients) has written about her experience with bulimia and Theophostic ministry, and she has agreed to let us share her experience with the rest of you
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"Major Mental Illness, Spiritual Oppression, and Deliverance"
(posted: 02/07/1999 revised: 04/19/2006) As a Christian psychiatrist who includes prayer for emotional healing and prayer to break spiritual oppression in my practice, I am often asked: "Can emotional wounds and/or demonic oppression really cause major mental illness?" or "Can emotional healing and/or deliverance really heal major mental illness?" Here is a brief case study related to these questions.
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"Dissociation, Repression, Denial, and Avoidance:"
(posted: 03/23/2002 revised: 04/19/2006) This is a case study from my (Karl's) personal experience with repression, denial, avoidance, and "middle range" dissociative phenomena. It provides an example of combined repression, denial, avoidance, and dissociation where visual memories are completely missing, and also my attempt at describing what repressed and dissociated memories "feel" like as they come back. This case study also describes the perceptions (lies), thoughts (lies), and emotions that are triggered when I can't solve a problem.
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"Dad/God Isn’t All-knowing or All-powerful: A Case Study and Discussion"
(posted: 12/28/2002 revised: 04/18/2006) This case study describes more of Dr. Lehman’s own Theophostic healing work, describing and discussing the discovery and resolution of more lies regarding the character of God.
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"Attention Deficit, What Fixed It?"
(posted: 03/10/2000 revised: 04/18/2006) This case study describes the disappearance of Dr. Lehman's own ADD symptoms after receiving healing through Theophostic-based ministry.
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"God the Psychotic Cult Leader"
(posted: 11/21/2000 revised: 04/18/2006) This case study describes the healing of an extremely warped image of God.
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"Verbatim Case Study: Rejection and Abandonment"
(posted: 09/17/2000 revised: 04/18/2006) This case study provides a word-for-word account of a Theophostic-based session dealing with rejection and abandonment. As both our style of ministry and Dr. Ed Smith's official Theophostic teaching have grown and/or changed since this session, it is slightly dated. It is still an interesting and instructive example of emotional healing ministry.
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"I'm Too Stupid"
(posted: 02/14/2001 revised: 04/18/2006) This document describes a Theophostic-based session including both the facilitator's point of view and the reflections of the one receiving ministry. The person receiving ministry, though objectively very intelligent, frequently felt stupid, and this negative belief then negatively impacted his problem-solving ability, clarity of thinking, and initiative.
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"Now that we have tools that work, we can look at all this stuff"
(posted: 06/16/2001 revised: 06/16/2001) Dissociative Phenomena: Case Study & Reflections Dr. Lehman briefly discusses dissociative phenomena, and describes some of his experience with it as a part of his own internal psychological system
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"Case Study: Core Lies Can Be Expensive and Invisible"
(posted: 02/12/2001 revised: 02/12/2001) Dr. Lehman writes: "My experience with suicidal ideation is a good example of how expensive and invisible core lies can be."
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