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"Emotional Healing, Spiritual Opposition and Physical Manifestations"
(posted: 10/03/2001 revised: 12/03/2009) As most of you are probably aware, there is a lot of disagreement within the church regarding charismatic renewal and especially the physical manifestations/phenomena often associated with it. At this time, Charlotte and I welcome charismatic renewal, we believe in the present day release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and we have been blessed by various renewal ministries. However, we want to be discerning about counterfeit and deception from the enemy. We also want to dialogue and discern with our brothers and sisters in the wider church. In the essays below, we have tried to describe some of our own experiences and observations with respect to physical manifestations/phenomena. We are hoping that these descriptions will provide "data" that will be helpful as we all continue to dialogue and discern regarding Physical Behavior, Phenomena, and Manifestations. We are hoping these essays will provide useful information for others who are trying to learn and understand more about the connections between our physical, emotional, and spiritual components. We are also hoping these essays will provide practical insights regarding how to address physical phenomena as they occur in the context of emotional healing ministry.
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"Physical Behavior, Phenomena, and Manifestations: “Pressure Leaks” that can Hinder Prayer for Emotional Healing"
(posted: 01/09/2001 revised: 12/03/2009) This essay includes our observations and thoughts regarding physical behavior, phenomena, and manifestations that hinder the healing process by draining off emotional energy.
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"EMDR, Traumatic Memories, and Physical Phenomena"
(posted: 12/16/2000 revised: 11/25/2009) For several years now we have been observing intriguing phenomena in many of the clients in our practice. In this note we try to summarize these observations, and also share some of our thoughts regarding possible connections between our physical, emotional, and spiritual components.
Rev. 11/25/2009
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"Deceiving Spirits and Counterfeit Manifestations: How Wounds, Lies..."
(posted: 01/09/2001 revised: 11/25/2009) This essay describes Dr. Lehman’s experiences with physical phenomena/manifestations, and also offers some of our thoughts and interpretations regarding these experiences. The format is a combination of case-study description, personal journaling, and discussion/commentary.
Originally posted in January 2001; Rev 11/25/2009
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"Understanding and Dealing with Demonic Oppression and Interference: Introduction"
(posted: 12/03/2001 revised: 11/24/2009) Introduction: With respect to the physical creation, our understanding of the patterns in creation and our confidence regarding our understanding determine our practical/usable authority (for example, the ability to build a bridge and drive over it). We believe that these same principles apply to the spiritual creation as well. Our experience is that the enemy can tell when we are confused and/or lack confidence, and he is happy to take advantage of our muddy thinking and lack of faith. We are constantly trying to increase the clarity of our understanding regarding our authority in Christ and the principles involved in dealing with demonic interference, because the more clearly we understand these the more effectively we are able to exercise our authority in tearing down the enemy's strongholds and in preventing the enemy from oppressing us or interfering with the Lord's work in our lives. We perceive that the Church has been given a much larger gospel than we usually live out. We believe that understanding the patterns in the spiritual creation and walking in our appropriate spiritual authority are required for releasing the fullness of the gospel.
Originally posted in 2001; Rev 11/24/2009
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"Psychosis and Psychotic Symptoms: Definitions and Diagnostic Considerations"
(posted: 03/13/2001 revised: 10/10/2009) The primary purpose of these notes is to provide information for those of you who have a client, friend, or family member that has been diagnosed with "psychosis" or "psychotic symptoms."
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"Distinguishing Between Demonic Spirits and Internal Parts"
(posted: 07/19/2005 revised: 09/22/2007) This document discusses principles and patterns that help differentiate demonic spirits from internal parts, and presents two simple techniques/tools that have been especially helpful in making this distinction. Sample prayers and commands, and a "summary of similarities and differences" page are also included.
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"Dealing With Demonic Interference/Opposition During the Session"
(posted: 12/06/2003 revised: 12/06/2003) Prayers and Commands to Neutralize Demonic Interference
In this document, we are trying to integrate and coordinate our earlier notes about "binding prayer" and "exposure and binding prayer," along with insights from the last couple thousand hours of experience, to produce a more coherent and usable set of notes and sample prayers for dealing with demonic interference during prayer for emotional healing sessions. Includes a number of prayers and ideas with which we are currently experimenting -- we are happy to receive feedback.
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"Binding the Enemy: Prayers and Commands to Alleviate Demonic Harassment and/or Oppression"
(posted: 07/10/2002 revised: 07/28/2003) (Previously "Binding Prayer")
This document reminds the Christian believer of his/her authority in Christ and gives a simple model prayer for neutralizing demonic harassment and/or oppression. This document has been especially written as a resource for those recieving ministry, to help them exercise their authority in Christ and oppose the enemy's harassment/oppression between ministry sessions
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"Understanding and Dealing with Demonic Oppression and Interference: Common Concerns"
(posted: 12/21/2001 revised: 12/21/2001) Many people have concerns about dealing with demonic oppression and interference as a part of prayer for emotional healing. This essay includes our thoughts, and also additional references, in response to the most common concerns.
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"Physical Behavior, Phenomena, and Manifestations: Summary, Practical Applications and Sample Prayers"
(posted: 10/05/2001 revised: 10/05/2001) Summary, Practical Applications, and Sample Prayers
Physical behavior/manifestations/phenomena can provide memory information, drain off emotional energy, distract, be an indicator of some other interference (internal parts and/or demonic), or indicate the healing work of the Holy Spirit. This essay includes brief summary comments about each of these points, practical tips regarding how to deal with physical behavior, phenomena, and manifestations during ministry sessions, and also sample prayers regarding physical phenomena
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