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The following documents are aids/guidelines/templates that provide practical help for implementing emotional healing ministry. They have grown out of our own experience of ministering to others, working on our own journeys of healing and growth, and our experience in training other folks in doing this kind of work. Over the years, many people, both those who are providing ministry and those who are receiving it, have told us that our ministry aids were very important for them in understanding and learning to deal effectively with key concepts, such as vows or psychological defenses, and that after using our "templates" for a while, they developed their own styles or wording for addressing the same issues.

A particular note about these ministry aids in connection to Theophostic® Prayer Ministry: In the explanatory essay for each ministry aid, we discuss our thoughts, our personal experience, other references, and what we perceive to be the underlying principles behind the instructions we give. Each person involved in emotional healing ministry should consider our discussion, consider for themselves how to interpret the experiences we describe, and then decide whether/how to use the ministry aid tools we provide. Many have found our ministry aids to be helpful tools as a part of various forms of emotional healing ministry, but our ministry aids are not a required or necessary part of Theophostic® Ministry. For example, Dr. Smith discusses bitterness and vows as clutter items that can block the healing process, but our ministry aids addressing bitterness and vows just represent our approach to dealing with these concerns, and not "the way it has to be done." It is not necessary to use our ministry aids to do Theophostic® Prayer Ministry.

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"Vows: "Clutter" That Can Hinder Emotional Healing"
(posted: 04/04/1999 revised: 12/14/2013) Highly experienced "veteran" prayer ministers, who were already well-familiar with helping people break out of the bondage of sinful vows, have told us that this essay shed new light on the phenomenon for them, and was very useful. This essay includes two case examples that illustrate the importance of identifying and resolving sinful vows as potential "clutter" that can be hindering the healing process. It also includes a sample prayer for breaking/resolving those vows.
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"General Introductory Comments Regarding Ministry Aids"
(posted: 01/29/2002 revised: 11/26/2013) The purpose of this document is to gather together concepts and comments that apply to many or all of the ministry aids. Our hope is that putting this material all together in one place will make it easier for you to find, and easier for us to update as we continue to learn.
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"Not Reporting Everything - An Especially Sneaky Form of Interference"
(posted: 09/17/2002 revised: 11/13/2013) A common problem in emotional healing ministry is that the person receiving ministry does not report clues that come to him/her. This essay discusses both accidental failure to report everything and fear-based choosing to not report certain things, and also includes a worksheet with a "sample" process for addressing fear-based choosing to not report.
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"Opening Prayer and Commands"
(posted: 04/04/2002 revised: 12/12/2012) Prayer for the Facilitator, Parameters for the Demonic, and General Introductory Prayer
This document explains and provides a model/sample prayer for opening the healing prayer session, including general introductory prayers, praying for the facilitator/minister, and setting parameters around any demonic presence that may be there. The principles from Dr. Smith's "Stripping Down the Enemy" are encorporated (formerly a separate document)
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"Brain Science, Psychological Trauma, and The God Who is With Us ~ Part V: The Immanuel Approach to Emotional Healing Revisited"
(posted: 01/06/2008 revised: 10/07/2011) [This document is the promised updated post-conference version of “Part V” of the material Dr. Lehman presented at "Healing Redesigned: Brain Science, Psychological Trauma, & The God Who Is With Us," on 16-20 June 2008, in Springfield Illinois, sponsored by THRIVE. It is mostly the same as Part V of what was presented 9-10 November 2007, in Sydney, Australia, and on 24-26 April 2008 in Modesto, California.] Having discussed the experience processing pathway, the nature of traumatic vs. non-traumatic memories, and the conditions and resources needed to heal traumatic memories (to finish the processing tasks stored there), Dr. Lehman returns to the "Immanuel Approach" for healing, and more specifics about it.
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"Judgments and Bitterness as Clutter that Hinders Prayer for Emotional Healing"
(posted: 06/21/2002 revised: 11/21/2009) As our experience of praying to release judgments has increased, we have found ourselves spontaneously including the releasing of bitterness in the process. This essay carries that logical and experiential connection a step further, putting the explanatory texts about judgments and bitterness in one essay, and giving a sample prayer that deals with both issues together.
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"Which of the Lehman's DVD resources will be most helpful to you?"
(posted: 06/03/2009 revised: 06/03/2009) We know that not everyone can afford to just get one of everything, so we've written this document to summarize our DVD offerings as of June 3, 2009, and offer some advice as to which resources you might find most helpful, depending on what you're hoping to accomplish.
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"Psychological Trauma, Implicit Memory, and the Verbal Logical Explainer: Supplementary Material for Handout"
(posted: 02/10/2009 revised: 02/10/2009) This document is the handout supplement to our seminar "Psychological Trauma, Implicit Memory, and the Verbal Logical Explainer (VLE)" -- as promised to those who have attended our "practice seminars".
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"Identifying When You Have Lost Access to Your Relational Connection Circuits, and Getting Them Back On Line"
(posted: 11/13/2008 revised: 11/12/2008) (New 11/12/08) This essay is a brief, “stand alone” discussion of our relational connection circuits – what they do, how to identify when you have temporarily lost access to them, what this means with respect to your ability to function in relationships, and then how to get them back on line.
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"Triggered Traumatic Content and Verbal Logical Explainer (VLE) Confabulations"
(posted: 08/24/2008 revised: 08/16/2008) [New 2/23/2007, but not posted until 8/24/2008]This document provides a brief summary regarding foundational concepts, such as psychological trauma, implicit memory, and triggering, and then discusses why triggered traumatic content is so important, why it is so difficult to recognize and acknowledge triggered traumatic content, and finally how to recognize, acknowledge, and neutralize triggered traumatic content and verbal logical explainer (VLE) confabulations.
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"Distinguishing Between Demonic Spirits and Internal Parts"
(posted: 07/19/2005 revised: 09/22/2007) This document discusses principles and patterns that help differentiate demonic spirits from internal parts, and presents two simple techniques/tools that have been especially helpful in making this distinction. Sample prayers and commands, and a "summary of similarities and differences" page are also included.
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"Adult Psychological Defenses as Sin That Hinders Emotional Healing"
(posted: 05/14/2001 revised: 12/23/2006) This document discusses briefly the appropriate role of psychological defenses, and also ways in which they can hinder emotional healing. It also includes comments about a number of specific psychological defenses, and sample prayers to release psychological defenses that hinder healing.

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"1. Unconfessed Sin as Clutter that Hinders Prayer for Emotional Healing"
(posted: 04/13/2002 revised: 12/23/2006) This ministry aid addresses sin that is a willful act of disobedience. See corresponding separate ministy aids for the reactive sins of bitterness, bitterness towards the Lord, judgement, self-pity, embellishment, entitlement, vows, and psychological defenses.
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"Fasting to Facilitate Personal Healing"
(posted: 09/10/2000 revised: 12/23/2006) This document gives a very brief introduction to the idea of fasting, either by the minister or the one receiving healing, as part of prayer for healing.
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"Non-Christian/Occult Spiritual Activities"
(posted: 01/26/2001 revised: 10/17/2006) This document offers some brief thoughts about the temptations and dangers of various non-Christian/occult spiritual activities, gives a two-page checklist for help in discernment, and a page of sample prayers for confessing and renouncing involvements.
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"Judgments and Bitterness Towards the Lord"
(posted: 03/04/2001 revised: 05/05/2006) Many of us have judged the Lord, and feel anger/bitterness/resentment towards Him. This document discusses some of the unique dynamics of this form of bitterness and judgment (where the object of the feeling has NOT sinned) and gives a sample prayer.
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"Sinful Vows Worksheet"
(posted: 03/10/2001 revised: 05/05/2006) This document gives a list of possible vows and of possible things that we lose or gain from vows when we make them. It is designed to help those seeking healing to understand the concept of vows and identify any that they have made.
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"Deadly Perils of the Victim Swamp: Bitterness, Self Pity, Entitlement, and Embellishment"
(posted: 06/03/2001 revised: 05/05/2006) Some folks have been asking about this document, so we are re-posting it -- but we are planning to revise it to integrate insights about maturity stages and the dynamics of the victim swamp. For the time being, here is the original essay, sharing some of our thoughts and experience with the "victim swamp" of bitterness, self-pity, entitlement and embellishment. Sample prayers to release these patterns of thought and behavior are also included.
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"Informed Consent: General Comments and Sample Form for Theophostic Ministry"
(posted: 12/13/2002 revised: 02/07/2005) Going through a careful informed consent process with the person receiving ministry is one of the simplest and easiest things one can do to decrease the risk of misunderstandings, relationship breakdowns, and lawsuits. This essay briefly discusses the concepts and practice of informed consent, and includes a sample informed consent form for Theophostic ministry.
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"Closing Prayer & Commands"
(posted: 12/20/2001 revised: 10/09/2003) This document gives some observations from our experience and a sample prayer for closing a Theophostic session
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"Cutting Free Prayer Following Intercession"
(posted: 08/13/2003 revised: 09/20/2003) This document is a model prayer, based on one by Francis MacNutt, for spiritual cleansing, refreshment, and healthy separation from the work of ministry after a session or day is done.
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"Suicide Related Phenomena: Suicide Risk, Suicidal Behavior,"
(posted: 08/24/2003 revised: 08/24/2003) The general purpose of this essay is to dispel some of the confusion and intimidation regarding suicide-related phenomena by showing how some aspects of suicide-related phenomena are not as complicated, difficult, or dangerous as they are often perceived to be. Specific goals include: •Help lay ministers understand and identify situations where the initial perception of suicide risk is usually greatly exaggerated. Hopefully this will help lay ministers avoid unnecessary intimidation, unnecessary stress, and unnecessary referrals/interventions. •Help lay ministers know when to obtain consultation from (and/or refer to) mental health professionals. •Provide practical tools (ministry aids) that will be helpful to both lay ministers and mental health professionals in working with suicide-related phenomena.
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"Prayer for Generational Sins..."
(posted: 08/12/2003 revised: 08/12/2003) This document briefly explains and provides a model for prayer to deal with generational sins, generational spiritual strongholds, generational spirits, and generational curses
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"Journaling as a Simple Tool to Augment Theophostic Ministry"
(posted: 01/23/2003 revised: 01/23/2003) People often ask us about tools they can use and/or homework they can do to help increase the fruitfulness of Theophostic ministry they receive. One simple tool that can augment the effectiveness of Theophostic ministry is journaling. This essay includes a few specific thoughts and examples that will hopefully encourage others to use this simple tool.
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"Physical Behavior, Phenomena, and Manifestations: Summary, Practical Applications and Sample Prayers"
(posted: 10/05/2001 revised: 10/05/2001) Summary, Practical Applications, and Sample Prayers
Physical behavior/manifestations/phenomena can provide memory information, drain off emotional energy, distract, be an indicator of some other interference (internal parts and/or demonic), or indicate the healing work of the Holy Spirit. This essay includes brief summary comments about each of these points, practical tips regarding how to deal with physical behavior, phenomena, and manifestations during ministry sessions, and also sample prayers regarding physical phenomena
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